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Yet more icons.

Credit appreciated, but not required. Comment if you take. Upload to your own server-- especially the FO banners-- or there will be pain.

[10] Icons
[3] Megatokyo
[4] Fruits Basket
[1] Chobits
[1] Naruto
[1] Fooly Cooly

1) 2) 3)

4) 5) 6)

7) 8) 9)

[2] Friends only Banners
[1] Fooly Cooly
[1] Megatokyo


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took the sumomo icon will credit..
Their all pretty..
Took the FLCL, will credit when I use it. ^^;;
I will take the Second MegaTokyo one! Don't worry, I will credit. =D

Hi, it's Avi. ^^ I would like an Azumanga Daioh F-O banner, if you'd be willing to make one for me. I would really appreciate it. ^^ Thanks bunches
Sure! If you've got a picture, text and a size you want, I'd be happy to. ^_^

Make sure the picture's not too small, tho. I can make a big picture smaller, but not a small picture bigger.
Oh, I'm not Aaron... if you want him to do it, he's under other posts.
I'm sorry that I got confused, and I'm sorry if I offended you. I type before I read sometimes. ;-;
Nice avatars. Thanks for sharing and your efforts.